instructions i almost follow

instructions i almost follow, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

I should have posted this sooner, but yeah right. I'm loving the Great Bikini Experiment. I'm trying really hard to follow the pattern, and I almost did it. I've got everything there but the garter stitch. I'm using a seed stitch rib instead. This way I only have to knit on the front, and k1p1 across the back for the first cup and purl across the back and k1p1 on the front for the second cup. I like to repeat stitches heavily, even though they are essentially the opposite of each other. There is not reason for this, other than my own entertainment.
Of course, when I got to the second cup, I had to reverse all the shaping and the cast on. I was starting on the back side of the cup instead of the front. I use the Old Norwegian cast on for stretch. On the second side, I completely inverse this so that my working on the wrong side still produces a matching edge.
With the shaping, I switch from decreasing at the beginning of wrong side rows (pattern method) to the end of right side rows. Of course, this is still the same row numbers as in the pattern, but sounds completely different from description.