How to crochet

How to crochet
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I was asked to demo crochet at I Made It Fashionable, a local roving artists' market. This installment was held at the brewhouse, and focused on fashion. There was a fashion show in the theatre, tables in the front gallery, and we had 4 demos in the side room.
I shared a table with Sara, between us covering knitting and crochet. EJ set up the popular shrinky dinks recycling station, and there was a lampworker making beads.
The event was, as always, incredible. The turnout was great, the venue was great, and people had a great time. Plus, someone had a tiny dog.

I brought finger puppets and skirts, and demoed crochet in a circle, since that is the basic concept for finger puppets. I made hats, using larger yarn and hooks. I got to teach one person crochet. People tend to look at it as "too difficult" but I'm also not the most outgoing person in the world. I could probably harrass more people into trying it, but I would feel mean. It's really not hard. I swear.


Knitting at D&D

my scarf start and my buddy 
I'm practicing to use the f-stop on the camera. I'm pleased with this picture. It even captures the page-turning action.

So, I bought this yarn at la droguerie. I really like it. I'm starting out with 50 grams of alpaca in an asparagus color. The pattern might be similar to feather and fan. It is a multiple of 17 plus 1, with a moss stitch border of 2.

k1 *yo k1 yo k1 yo, p2tog 6x, yo k1 yo k1 yo k1, repeat from * until the end. p 1 row, k 1 row, p 1 row, repeat from beginning.

Just because I'm knitting doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. Last week I threw two fireballs from my necklace while knitting.

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Flickr Faves Valentine Mosaic

1. Toes - Truffles, 2. Cradling the ratty, 3. Maman bird & petit baby, 4. 005-b, 5. blossom, 6. bloo fuzzy handcarded, 7. #20, 8. Ramon seja bem vindo!!, 9. EEK! A RAT! loves eggs 2, 10. Rats Love Coy, 11. Mr Ray marking his territory!, 12. rattie, 13. Virkad blomstervas!, 14. Black female, 15. Another Little Lick, 16. going bald young

This is my submission for the Swap-bot Valentines Flickr Faves Mosaic. I hope everyone is enjoying Valentines Day with something they love!
There are so many things to love here! So many tiny toes, tiny noses, tiny eyes, fuzzy heads, and squishy yarny things to crawl into. There's a lot of love showing up here. I get all fuzzy from things that don't have too many pink hearts, just pink noses.


I Made It! Mine

I Made It! Mine was so popular that I didn't make the deadline cut. This show always has something new and exciting going on. There are so many quality artists in Pittsburgh.
I got to shop for myself. Cosy Knits Literally is totally awesome. Be sure to look over her really nice yarn which she takes beautiful pictures of. Her naming system is especially ingenious, too. It's like audience participation, but without having to go to the theatre.
It's nice to see the street team. We love working together. Our trunk show should be really fun in a couple months.