Tomorrow I will have a table at the CITYCRAFT MARKET. This even is put on by our own Etsy Pittsburgh Street Team. I expect it to go well. We will be in the Creative Treehouse, above the ill-fated 517-521 department store. The entrance is on the side of the building, on Meade Street. That's right across from the parking lot, where you only pay a quarter for over an hour. It's a great deal.
I'll be there with finger puppets and upcycled clothing. I have a new finger puppet to unveil tomorrow. I'm not sure if I have quite enough stuff, but I really plan to take orders for larger orders tomorrow, since I don't think this will be a big kid/immediate satisfaction crowd. There's even going to be a business only session before we open up to the general public. I'll, of course, bring yarn with me to make more puppets. Probably rats.


Stuck Up

treasury stuck up, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

I'm in a treasury!

I love when people like my stuff enough to put it in a treasury.

Here it is!



sockheel, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

This is the end of the decreasing short rows. The next step is to start working the back of the heel with increasing short rows.

I like how my first pair of socks is going. I just can't see myself following a pattern for future socks, though. It's just like sewing. I started doing that because I didn't like what was available to me, so I made my own clothes. They always fit better and required the same amount of work as alterations. I am not satisfied with the fit from most patterns or I don't have the yarn choice, so I usually don't finish patterns that I start. I more often than not end up designing my own thing to accommodate the yarn that I do have.
In the case of socks, most interesting patterns are top-down, which I just can't get behind. I prefer to knit toe-up. Once you make that switch, the rest of the pattern is pretty much a do-over. I also don't like the standard heel flap. Every time I see one, I think, "Why do people like that?" It's too triangular. It seems like it would be lots of fun to make, but I would never want to wear the sock. I would be too preoccupied with my triangle feet.


giotto top new yarn

giotto top new yarn, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

This is the perfect match I found to complete my Giotto top. Even though I know I said it was finished, I hated the back. Now I can change it. The yarn is mission falls 1824 cotton.

I don't know where my size 11 needles are . . .

baby rib socks

baby rib socks
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I made these baby socks for a friend at work. I followed up with a matching hat, which I forgot to photograph. The socks are knit, and the hat was crocheted.

I didn't wrap it or make a card - just stuck it in his mailbox. I don't know why.


ten sheep

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I got my first Alchemy order on etsy, and it was great! A person wanted 10 sheep for Sunday school, and they all fit in one envelope.
This is the new version of the sheep, and I like them so much better than my original version. They have more detail and a definite pattern. These things are key for me liking a puppet I make. I want them all to be equally interesting.


luxe pink locks - wrapped for plying

I plied my singles that I spun from locks. They came from luxe, and were totally wonderful. I wanted to Andean ply the whole thing, so to alleviate the strain on my hand, I held a piece of PVC pipe while I wrapped it. After a bunch was wrapped, I would drop the loop from the end of my finger, and wrap some more. When it was finished, I plied as normal. It resulted in a lot of yarn, which I later set the twist in.