Flickr Knees Mosaic

You know it's a long week when I sit down to my computer and all the stuff I had from the night before is still sitting on my computer unsent!
Here are the links to the images in my mosaic. I kept up my motifs of rats, tattoos, and knitting, with an overarching theme of knees.
1. Untitled, 2. That Blue Dress., 3. Elephant tattoo, 4. Untitled, 5. Humphry having a sniff, 6. Knee, 7. On my knee, 8. Rat in mi kitchen, 9. bzzz, 10. Jonathan, knees, 11. 14/365, 12. knitting knees, 13. Cute Rat


recent tatting pics

This is a list of tatting images I favorited for a swapbot flickr mosaic swap. They are all really interesting and nice images of tatting.
1. Wire Tatting (Project 365 - Day 26/365), 2. Tatting Motif, 3. antique tatting, 4. Pink Ivory Wood Tatting Shuttle with Cameo Inlay, 5. Tatted Lace, 6. antique tatting, 7. Tatted lace and Thread, 8. tatting, 9. After::Tatted necklace, 10. Tatting with new shuttle, 11. TAT, 12. tatting samples, 13. Handmade Tatting Shuttle - Hidden Gem, 14. Tatted Dragonfly, 15. Grandma Rosie's Tatting Shuttle, 16. As The World Falls Down - The Tatted Mask, 17. Minor Norwegian Dragon, 18. Blue Potato Vine Blossom and Tatting (three)


busy busy

This weekend was super busy, and I didn't even do anything.
This would have been a big Twilight Market week, with the poetry festival that happened yesterday, if not for the insane weather. The reports claimed all day rain, with heat. Everyone decided to wait until a later week for the weather to calm down. Of course, it got beautiful right at 3, when people were busy elsewhere.
I however, was already set to miss because this weekend was the Steel City Big Pour. It seemed even bigger than last year, with more food, vendors, and beer. I got the designated driver ticket. The weather was so much hotter than I expected for September.
Next weekend is even busier, with a potential two shows in two days (intense) and our team craft night on Friday. Plus, I've been rabidly swapping on swap-bot.


ready for kitchener

ready for kitchener, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

I love when I get to the end of a piece and I'm ready for kitchener stitch. It's exciting to be almost finished, and kitchener is fun.

This piece ends with two four-count knit rows. The tops meet, making an improper kitchener join. To counter, I offset the two sides creating a mild slope.

Each side, viewed from its own perspective, is slightly to the right of the other. It has 180 degree rotational symmetry.


Hosting at Swapbot

or why I don't like markdown syntax.

I created a swap on Swapbot to make more flickr mosaics. They are fun and easy, and I like making them.
Here it is.
Everything about swapbot is pretty straightforward. -Except-
you can't use html. You have to use markdown syntax, which gets converted into html!? (insert interrobang here)
What is wrong with just using html? Most sites just clip whatever html they don't allow. I am not fond of using systems to replace systems I already know, which just create new rules to interpret existing rules.
Back to the swap at hand: it's about hobbies. People are making flickr mosaics of any hobby they choose. I specified any number between 12-25 images, because not everything has to be 4x4. Variety is fun.


underwear ATC swap

The Panties ATC swap was fun. I remembered swapbot at the end of vacation and have been making ATCs ever since. Not that I haven't been doing other things, but most of my knitting and sewing has been personal this month. There are some new clothes on the way, so I'll talk about that soon enough.