I love Series

Series of things are awesome. It's probably because the brain craves repetition. I just discovered this series at its end. It's wonderful. Click through for the images. It's totally worth it.

This makes me wish I had more to show for my efforts. I was recently wondering where I spent all my time, and realized that I have redone most of my projects immediately after finishing them. Then end result is that I feel like I've accomplished nothing. I've had to start a new rule, where I am not allowed to change my mind, only fix mistakes. More on that later.

And, for amusement: Knitted bus cozy and more.


One redone

korchoran sweater

This is the image of me a year ago right before I took apart this sweater. Since then I've completed all but one and a half sleeves. Hopefully this means that the new version will be more wearable.

Some of the changes:
  • better raglan shaping means I can lift my arms without the sweater rising up
  • longer body means it will reach my waist
  • longer body ribbing provides better shape
  • v-neck should prevent a lot of the bad wool reaction I was having

I didn't do any of this over the summer. Now that I've picked it up again, I'm using my new rule: no changing my mind. As long as it fits, I will consider it done.


I Win

best present

I don't need to get any more presents basically forever, unless someone wants to get me sheep; I got a spinning wheel - and it's made in Canada.

Christmas can be canceled next year. I'm set. Now I can spin through all the things that I was saving to spin when it was cold. It's cold and I have a wheel. Plus I got some great fiber from Natasha which will be great on my spindle. I have lots to do and a week more off of work to play.


How to Crochet a Hat

- without a pattern -
hairycarrot crochet hats

If you know how to crochet in the round, you can make a hat.

The easiest way to start crochet in the round is to chain 2, then make 6 single crochet in the second chain from the hook. This is more single crochet than will reasonably fit in a single chain, causing it to curve around. This will create the beginning of a small circle. The first stitch and the last stitch you made will be touching. Make your next stitch in the top of the first stitch. For the second round, you will want to make 2 stitches in each stitch of the first round. Since the first round was 6 stitches, the second round will be 12.

From this point on, you only need 2 basic concepts to create a hat shape.

1. If you want to flatten out, add stitches as your circle starts to buckle. If you add only a few stitches it will create a rounded dome shape. If you add more stitches it will be flat. Just add them as you like.
2. When you want to create the sides of the hat, make no increases. This will create a tube. The tube should be about half of the hat. This will cover your ears.


Handmade Happy Hour

the driving cap

This is the beginning of the menswear line. I'm keeping it small. There are plenty of ideas that I never make because the motivation for their construction just doesn't exist. The driving cap was fun to create because it allowed me to use interesting pieces of fabric that were otherwise too narrow to make into other things. I also got to use my French curves to draft the pattern.

I sold my first one at CITYCRAFT. I'll be listing more in my etsy shop.

Beer Rabbit

beer rabbit stew

We were in charge of dinner yesterday. The original thought was fish curry, but they had whole rabbits at Wegmans. Beer rabbit is made using the same concept as beer chicken, but with the added steps of dredging and roux. Nom Nom.