Giotto top finished

I have been slowly and indecisively working on this top made of Giotto for about 2 years. I didn't have a pattern, a plan, or a goal. My only real stipulation was that it could only take 1 hank, because that was all I bought. I knew I wanted to make it like a tank top. I really had no idea about the back, and I made it twice.

This is the final product. I split the front and made straps. The back has a single center strap and the three are grafted together. The side seams are sewn together with the tails from the cast on.

I have had this yarn long enough that I don't know what the color was called. I tried to locate it on the website, but I can't identify it. I don't know where the tag went, but I'd like to know what colorway this was. I remember I picked it out because it reminded me of apool of ink, with all the light reflecting off in different colors.


I Made It 3

I Made It 3 was today. We did fairly well. This show is well publicised, and therefore much more pleasant to be at. We were on the risers in the theatre part of the Brewhouse. They warned us that the lighting would be lacking. Even though the lights were on and you could see, everything had an eerie glow to it.

I am excited to go to the next one. I'll try to make new things. We'll have our cool weather tops, and hooded scarves. I don't intend to bring any skirts. Finger puppets are questionable. It depends on whether or not I can make some spooky ones.


Art Harvest 2007

Here is the table at Art Harvest, just before we open. We had a nice time. The people were nicer this year. There were two really nice tables on both sides of us. It's a welcome change from any show where you are flanked by an irritant. Emily made a few new bags, and the table was complete.
The music note buttons were a success, and I finally sold a skirt. I love making them, and I think I would like to just take custom orders. People know what they want, and it's usually not in their size. A woman tried on a skirt, and it fit her perfectly. She declined it, saying that it wasn't her size. My only job this week is to put size tags on all the skirts before I Made It next week.
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A new age is upon us

Sewing and yarn-crafts can be balanced, and I have figured it out - finally.
Tomorrow is Art Harvest, and Next weekend is I Made It 3. If you're in Pittsburgh, check them out. Check my calendar or drop me a line for directions.



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Here is the treasury screenshot. The link no longer works since it is expired. In one of their threads they said they archived all treasuries. I wish we could see the archives.


I love Luxe

I just got my order yesterday from Luxe. It is absolutely gorgeous. I was really confused when I opened it, since the color was much richer than pictured. I imagined I was getting something tan with purple bits, and opened something purple with tan bits. It is the prettiest thing imaginable.


Love the Treasury

I made a treasury. This time the theme is animals at the fantasy petting zoo.
treasury_list.php?room_id=9483 Animalove Treasury



I just sold 10 finger puppets, all at once.
I love making my little animals, and now I have to hurry up and restock before next week, when I will be at a craft show.
Then, only a week later, I will be at another craft show. Oh, and I forgot to send the check. I know what I'm doing Monday!