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Image stitch of my table at the Distinguished Dobermans Fundraiser in Pgh.
19 moons was also in attendance.

This was a nice show. Traffic was pretty light, but the people who came were shopping. I'd like to do this show again.
We used to have this huge craft show back home in Tonawanda, and the people who shopped at it were completely insane. It was a madhouse, seriously. The thing was, this event was huge. It was so big that every year people parked illegally in the street and the cops looked the other way. People at the show cleaned up. They charged admission just for people to go in, plus their table fees for the vendors. It was in the same location every year, and kept getting bigger. For as wonderful as it was, I was glad when it ended because the guy running it was a huge jerk, and the customers used to block all the driveways on my street.
Honestly, it wasn't special. It was just incredibly well known. It had the benefit of consistency. People always knew it was coming and what to expect. All the shows around Pgh that I hear about become more popular as they build a foundation. This show could be a regular event in a couple short years. The location was good, the group was known and had a following, and the weather was great. Father's Day isn't a huge craft show holiday, but if we got it just a little closer to one, then that might be all it needs to gain momentum.
Having dogs there was great, too. Those dogs were so sweet and friendly.


Show Tomorrow!

This show is hosted by Distinguished Dobermans, Inc.
Our Lady of the Angels Parish
Holy Family Social Hall
256 44th Street
Lawrenceville, PA 15201

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I'm really excited because there will be dogs there. I'm not really looking for a dog, but these things really sometimes introduce you to the "perfect" dog. I don't have a fence, and I have rats, so that narrows the choices a lot.
I'm premiering a new item for this show. I've made a few flower bracelets. I've given some to students, and I have a bunch more for tomorrow. I wish I didn't have a regular job so I could make more stuff. It's really eating into my crafting time. But, since crafting doesn't really rake in the cash, I'll be keeping my day job. I would be much more productive if I didn't fall asleep on the bus every day.


Yesterday was the prom

and this is the story of my dress.
Making the Bacon Dress
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1. I started with the legs off a pair of bell-bottoms which I had converted into a skirt.
two legs1

2. Match the knees, which are the narrowest part on the bell-bottoms, and pin above the waist.
pinning the bodice2

3. Sew down the front seam. Pin and fold the bustline and darts.
bust darts3

4. Sew the bustline darts. I used a contrast thread to sew each detail. On a darker denim, I would use an orange thread.
darts sewn in4

5. The back needs a panel, so I used vintage material. It is pleated and pinned, in several layers. The zipper is angled to one side to keep the panel in one piece.
pinning the back zipper5

6. The back is not fitted until after the zipper is sewn into the raw edge. back before darts6

7. Match the back darts to the edge of the original seam allowance. No fabric has been cut away so far. Sew down the edge of your dart and again next to the zipper.
tacking down the center back7

8. Another piece of the vintage fabric is folded down its center and sewn in at the bust.
the bust detail8

9. Create a tube out of another strip of your fabric and press flat for the strap. Lace trim is used as the bacon fat.
pinned on bacon strap9

10. After the strap is sewn to the front, it is fitted and pinned to the back for sewing.
fitting the strap10

11. The last step is to add a hem extension with more vintage fabric. Folding it in half and pinning underneath the denim prevents the need for additional hemming and cutting.
hem extension11

Fin. Then I put it on and went to the prom.
strap sewn inFin

Since I'm not effective with shoes, I wore it with pink Chucks. The students didn't mind because they all looked great. Their theme was Oscar Night, and they all dressed the part. Super cute.


daffodil bracelet

daffodil bracelet, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

I gave this to a student. Surprisingly she wears it. I am surprised when my students like things I make. Generally we share no style.

Right after bacon I thought the next obvious choice was floral bracelets. The button can be hooked inside the flower. I have also made a zinnia, to be uploaded later. First I must finish my prom dress. Prom is tomorrow, and since I've been using a bacon theme for five weeks, in any class I can manage it, the dress was inspired by it. The reveal is tomorrow.


left sock

left sock, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

I'm starting the left sock in my toe-up socks. The right sock finished up nicely with a substantial cuff. Just by trying it on, I'm wondering how people like making their own socks. This is fairly thin yarn, knit on size 1 needles. It's still pretty thick on my foot. The tedium required to get socks as thin as those in stores would just be so much more trouble than it is worth. That was one of the benefits of the industrial revolution - we got to make much thinner knitwear.
I'm not even bothered by knitting the left sock now that the right one is finished. I just think my feet will look big.


the bacon cuff

the bacon cuff, originally uploaded by hairycarrot.

The versatility of bacon with the convenience of jewelry.
People are already jealous.
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I started making these bacon cuffs just as strips of bacon, to illustrate the importance of bacon for the Spanish class I am subbing. The kids couldn't decide between "weird" or "awesome". They've been popular items to pass around either way.
Seeing one girl playing with it made me decide it would be a great cuff with a button. I immediately made one when I got home, and the next day, people were totally jealous.